LiveXAML ChangeLog

LiveXAML 2.1.26 (NuGet)

  • fixed the issue where template controls like ListView weren’t being updated in some cases
  • added support for implicit ResourceDictionary syntax in Xamarin.Forms 3.0

LiveXAML 2.1.19 (NuGet)

  • (fix) LiveXAML doesn’t work with Shared project configuration when PrismApplication is defined as root in App.xaml

LiveXAML 2.1.18 (NuGet)

  • Better diagnostic message when connection is unsuccessful

LiveXAML 2.1.14 (NuGet)

  • Display Popup message if error occurred while updating the Element
  • Display Popup message if updated element wasn’t found in runtime
  • Rg.Plugins.Popup 1.1.x support

LiveXAML 2.1.6 (NuGet)

  • Support for custom views inheriting from other custom views

LiveXAML 2.1.1 (NuGet)

  • ContentPropertyAttribute support
  • Xamarin Forms 2.5.x merged ResourceDictionary crash fix
  • More descriptive Output log messages