LiveXAML Common Issues

Updating doesn’t work at all

  • While debugging, open Output window in Visual Studio
  • Search for “XL:”
  • If you see lines with this prefix
    • Does it say anything about Handshake server unreachable?
    • Did you disable the Linker? It should be disabled if you are debugging on a physical device.
    • If so, make sure that LiveXAML.Server is running on Windows
    • On Mac look for opened ports with “lsof -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN -n -P” command. Do you see ports 53031/53032 LISTENing?
    • If LiveXAML is listening for connections then make sure there is no firewall between the application and development PC
    • Otherwise, check that you have the┬álatest extension installed
    • Sometimes restarting the operating system helps
  • If you don’t see lines with “XL:” prefix
    • Make sure that NuGet package is correctly installed. Please check Installation Instructions for more help
    • Make sure you don’t have “DISABLE_XAMARINFORMSLIVE” compilation symbol defined

Updating doesn’t work on some pages

LiveXAML is not a universal solution, so in some cases, updating wouldn’t work. To help solve that, you can enable “LIVEXAML_DEBUG” compilation symbol and send the Output window dump to with a short description of a problem and current page structure.