LiveXAML Installation Instructions

  1. Install Visual Studio LiveXAML extension. You can find it in Extensions and Updates under Tools menu. On Mac, it’s under Visual Studio Community menu named Extensions.
  2. Open your Xamarin Forms project
  3. Install LiveXAML NuGet package into the project that contains App.xaml file
  4. If you don’t have App.xaml, but only have App.cs, then you should create it. LiveXAML requires App.xaml to initialize automatically.
  5. Run the application on the emulator and try changing stuff on your Main Page
  6. To debug on a physical device, make sure that device is connected to the same network as your development PC. If there is a corporate firewall in place, then you need to request opening 53031 and 53032 TCP ports for incoming connections on your PC.
  7. Make sure to disable the Linker for iOS/Android projects if you are testing on a physical device.
  8. Happy coding!